Android Tablet


Customization Android Tablet

Customization Android Tablet can fulfill many usage scenarios. For example, smart home touch consoles, multi function kiosks or digital signage.
RICHSTAR TECH designs the new hardware and software based on your requirements. If your product is planned as a smart home console, the battery circuit will be removed and insteading with PoE (Power of Ethernet) as the power source. It could also be added several sensors or I/O ports in the tablet, like proximity sensor, ambient light sensor, temperature humidity sensor or serial port (RS-232/422/485). Even combining the microphone array in the tablet for adding Alexa Voice Service is a good choice.

Before launching a new product into the market, the EMC and certain certifications are mandatory. RICHSTAR TECH always considers the regulatory requirements first, then starts designing the hardware. You may authorize RICHSTAR TECH to pass the EMC certifications for your new product.

RICHSTAR TECH brings you successful products.