Building Your New Products

We, Original Design Manufacturer (ODM), provides an accelerated and simplified development path. With our services, you can condense your resources by working with us for hardware and software design, development, certification, and manufacturing.

Engineering and Technology

The lifestyle of people in the 21st century closely relies on electronic products. The electronic products which RICHSTAR TECH developed are based on our passions for physics, chemistry, electrical engineering and computer science. We always focus on every detail to build world-class products.

Customer Confidence

"Professionalism is an expression of trust". Satisfying your demand is the first step. Our teams must understand the needs from your perspective, and provide the best solutions for you. The transparent quotation makes you understand how to use the budgets properly and maximize the utility of each .

Designed for Successful Cooperation

Customization Android Tablet

Customization Android Tablet can fulfill many usage scenarios. For example, smart home touch consoles, multi function kiosks or digital signage.

Customization Smart Speaker

Amazon Echo Dot Smart Speaker makes a starting point for your smart home. It’s easy to install and easy to control the smart devices labeled with the logo “Works with Alexa”.

Large-Scale IoT Solution

Low-Power Wireless Personal Area Networks (LoWPAN) is a fundamental part of the IoT infrastructure. Large-Scale IoT solutions require the highest operational efficiency and reliability.